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King Tips is a community for all of you who love betting and with us you will find all the tools for playing sports. We offer betting tips & guides to learn more about betting.

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We give tips not only on popular sports like soccer or basketball. Our tips cover sections like swimming, tennis, field games, track games et cetera. We have you covered irrespective of your passion!

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Our website is also adapted for both mobile and tablet so you can easily take part in all our shrimp, competitions and campaigns, wherever you are.

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It is very advantageous to have different accounts at several different betting sites, you can take advantage of different odds bonuses and also play at different bet sites that offer the best odds for a game

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We want you to make profit using the best of highest order. So in order for you to maximize your winnings, our recreater offers betting tips with the very best odds.

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Let Platinum tips be your guide to major events such as the summer and winter games, the world cup and many more. At all major events, we have an entire section dedicated to that particular event

"We will always give you the latest tips from the hottest leagues in the biggest sports including the Olympics. We offer you a wide range of football and basketball tips, and aim to always have game tips for the biggest matches. In addition, we also spice it up with both lesser-known leagues and sports."
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